One of the main questions which concern the visitors of the site is, 'Why should I choose exactly this company?'
We will try to give you the answer, as objectively as possible.

In the modern age of technology, when man values his time more than anything else, he chooses the quickest way to achieve his goals.

Wide Range of Services
We strive for a complex approach to the solution of our clients' problems. Every client is our priority, regardless of whether he is an individual person, a developing Bulgarian company or a multinational corporation. The TRUE NORTH Company carries out a wide range of works related to geodetic surveys, topographic and cartographic developments, vertical planning and GPS measurements. (more)

Low Prices
The investor is always interested in a low price, and we offer it. We always go to an appointment with our clients. And what is the result?

We don't offer prices based on the average market costs of a given service, but approach each order separately, minimize the expenses and only then determine the final cost of our works.

About the Low Expenses
We use state-of-the-art measuring equipment. Our collaborators are experienced professionals, a factor that allows the company to operate like a well-oiled mechanism. Thus, time can be saved, which in this case is a key indicator.
Modern Equipment and Software Programs
We don't need a huge staff of employees performing labor-consuming and mechanical work for prolonged periods of time. Our modern software programs and instruments ensure that everything is done instantly and with precision, which saves both our and your time.  (more)

Experienced Specialists
Our greatest treasure is our people. We enlist specialists with rich experience in the area, who have graduated from the best universities. As each one of us has passed through the entire cycle of geodetic and design tasks, this makes us universal and, if necessary, interchangeable for a particular activity. As a consequence, errors at our company occur less frequently than in other companies with constant personnel fluctuation.

And last, but not least - we love our company!
We approach the assigned tasks with creativity, develop all the time and do everything within our capacity to make working with us a pleasant experience.

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